PreviewEposter N.Poster TitelPresentation topicSpeakersAuthorsPoster rating,×226.png,, sampleEE-002Median arcuate ligament syndrome: A chronic mesenteric ischemia mimic, easily diagnosed with CTAAbdominal vascular imagingD. Fagkrezos, AGIOS DIMITRIOS ATHENS, GRM. Smarda, NEA IONIA, GR D. Fagkrezos, AGIOS DIMITRIOS ATHENS, GR D. Argyropoulos, NEA IONIA, GR P. Maniatis, NEA IONIA, GR

Please rate this,×226.png,, sampleEE-003Postoperative imaging of the aortic aneurysm: pearls, pitfalls and complicationsAbdominal vascular imagingP. Froldi Vieira, São Paulo, BRP. Froldi Vieira, São Paulo, BR A. Skromov de Albuquerque, São Paulo, BR I. Rother, São Paulo, BR L. Luryann Cartaxo da Silva, São Paulo, BR M. Shu Fong, São Paulo, BR A. Talans, São Paulo, BR G. D’Ippolito, Sao Paulo/SP, BR C. Wall Barbosa de Carvalho Neto, São Paulo, BR U. Torres, São Paulo, BR No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-004Application of Dual-Energy (DE) Computed Tomography (CT) in the evaluation of patients with abdominal trauma.Acute AbdomenM. Caruso, Naples, ITM. Caruso, Naples, IT M. Puglia, Pozzuoli, IT L. Palumbo, Pozzuoli, IT A. Ragozzino, Pozzuoli, IT S. Romano, Pozzuoli, IT No ratings yet.” data-view-type=”pdf,×226.png,, sampleEE-005Functional magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (fMRCP) in biliary disordersBile Ducts and GallbladderS. Ramanathan, Doha, QAS. Ramanathan, Doha, QA M. Heidous, Doha, QA D. Kumar, Doha, QA No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-010Upper GI barium studies: Beyond rat tail and bird beakGI Tract – OtherS. George, Cardiff, GBS. George, Cardiff, GB N. Rao, Coventry, GB R. Nensey, Sutton Coldfield, GB No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-009 Post-Bariatric Surgery Leaks and Fistulas: What Now? What surgeons expect from radiologistsGI Tract – OtherA. Talans, São Paulo, BRR. Furtado, São Paulo, BR M. Oranges Filho, São Paulo, BR A. Dubinco, Sao Paulo, BR T. Andrade, São Paulo, BR R. Baroni, São Paulo, BR A. Talans, São Paulo, BR No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-008CT Colonography: Current and Future StatusGI Tract – ColonC. Crespo Garcia, A Coruña, ESC. Crespo Garcia, A Coruña, ES M. Maestro Durán, A Coruña, ES M. MARTINEZ-SAPIÑA LLANAS, A Coruña, ES L. Abelairas Lopez, A Coruña, ES N. Cruz Sanchez, A Coruña, ES C. Fontenla Martinez, A Coruña, ES No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-007Pictorial review of the imaging features and pitfalls of mucinous colorectal cancer.GI Tract – ColonV. Chillal, Coventry, GBV. Chillal, Coventry, GB V. Leung, Coventry, GB P. Varra, Coventry, GB N. Rao, Coventry, GB C. Oliver, Coventry, GB No ratings yet.,×226.png,, sampleEE-006Multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) findings of duodenum diverticulum – diagnostic tipsComputer TomographyV. SAVVOPOULOU, MAGOULA, GRM. Kalokairinos, MAGOULA, GR E. KAPNISI, MAGOULA, GR S. Anastasiadis, Athens, GR No ratings yet.

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